Fighting for transparent, inclusive, and customer centric policies and practices

Policy goals

Responsible Bank-Fintech Partnership

Promoting a unified regulatory framework for bank-fintech partnerships and federal interest rate caps to ensure fair access to credit for historically excluded communities


Advocating for clear regulatory guidelines and interagency cooperation to foster responsible innovation and protect consumers in the evolving BaaS landscape

Earned Wage Access

Seeking tailored regulatory frameworks that distinguish EWA from loans, ensuring consumer protections and fostering financial inclusion for workers


Supporting responsible Buy-Now-Pay-Later lending, while advocating for unified regulations that include clear disclosures of borrower responsibilities

Open Banking

Promoting a consumer-protected open banking ecosystem through comprehensive regulatory frameworks that enhance competition

Artificial Intelligence

Advocating for use case-specific regulations of AI in financial services to enable its responsible use for improving consumer benefits

Supervisory and Regulatory Technology

Encouraging the use of regulatory technology to enhance financial product oversight and industry efficiency, fostering collaboration between regulators and industry

Student Lending

Supporting transparent student lending practices and advocates for technology-driven solutions to improve access to credit and repayment processes

Responsible Innovation within the Credit Reporting Ecosystem

Pushing for modernization of the credit reporting ecosystem to empower consumers and promote responsible innovation while ensuring transparency and curbing fraudulent practices

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