April 11, 2024


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Leading Financial Technology Company Continental Finance Joins the American Fintech Council (AFC)

Since its founding in 2005, Continental Finance has prided itself on fostering financial inclusion with innovative and flexible technology to deliver best-in-class customer support for those consumers who are excluded by traditional credit card programs

Continental is one of the nation’s leading marketers and servicers of credit cards for consumers with less-than-perfect credit

Washington, D.C. (April 11, 2024) – The American Fintech Council (AFC), the premier industry association representing responsible fintech companies, innovative BaaS banks and credit unions has announced that Continental Finance has become its newest member. With their innovative responsible consumer lending platform, Continental Finance works to provide a variety of services to customers who have been long forgotten by traditional financial institutions.

“Continental Finance is laser-focused on helping families build responsible credit that creates a safe pathway out of debt,” said Phil Goldfeder, CEO of the American Fintech Council. “Their foundational commitments to strong customer support, fair treatment, and financial inclusion, align perfectly with AFC’s mission to promote a transparent, inclusive, and customer-centric financial system. Continental Finance will lend an important voice to a growing industry of responsible fintech companies creating access to safe, transparent and affordable credit options.”

“AFC is committed to supporting responsible innovators like Continental Finance and we are happy to lend our voice to the growing group of responsible innovators,” said Stephen McSorley, President of Continental Finance. “We deliver best in class services for innovative credit products specifically designed to ensure customers can afford to make regular payments on the credit that is extended to them by our partner banks. In turn, operating on a ‘low and grow’ credit limit strategy, encourages customers to manage their account responsibly before increasing the credit limit to levels they might not be successful in managing today.”

With over 5.3 million credit cards managed since its founding, Continental Finance prides itself on excellent customer service and access to bank-issued credit products with innovative features that provide affordable and safe options to consumers with poor or limited credit. Utilizing responsible innovation, Continental Finance works to provide each customer with the necessary educational tools for them to be successful in managing their personal credit.

AFC and its members advocate for the next generation of companies at the intersection of technology and financial services, while ensuring a transparent regulatory framework for its membership and the consumers they serve. AFC is committed to robust industry standards, focused on consumer protection and compliance that enables responsible innovation and safe consumer optionality in financial services.

About the American Fintech Council: The mission of the American Fintech Council is to promote an innovative, responsible, inclusive, customer-centric financial system. You can learn more at www.fintechcouncil.org.