November 14, 2023



Federal: Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) Joins the American Fintech Council to Drive Responsible Innovation

SRA transforms experience into expertise at scale, enabling fintech companies to utilize its holistic risk intelligence platform to manage enterprise risk.

Washington, D.C. (November 14, 2023) – The American Fintech Council (AFC), the premier industry association representing responsible fintech companies and innovative banks today announced the addition of Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) as new members. SRA is committed to fostering innovation while ensuring the safety, soundness, and inclusivity of the financial landscape and will be an important voice in the AFC.

“We are excited to welcome SRA to the American Fintech Council and look forward to collaborating with them as they bring practical enterprise risk management solutions, informed by established regulatory standards,” said Phil Goldfeder, Chief Executive Officer of the AFC. “SRA embeds firsthand experience as former regulators and Chief Risk Officers, into its risk intelligence platform to enable access to safe financial services without compromising on consumer protection.”

SRA shares the AFC’s commitment to fostering responsible innovation among banks and fintech partners. Built by bankers, and informed by regulatory guidance, SRA built the holistic risk intelligence platform, Watchtower to help banks measure, quantify, evaluate, and manage risk across the enterprise, with an eye towards turning risk into opportunity. Earlier this year, SRA launched a fintech risk management tool, offering banks a framework and comprehensive diagnostic assessment to evaluate and continuously monitor their fintech partners.

“SRA is thrilled to partner with a like-minded organization in the American Fintech Council, as we share a similar mission,” said Ed Vincent, Chief Executive Officer of SRA Watchtower. “By joining forces, collectively we can help ensure the safety and soundness of the banking and fintech industry, while driving innovative solutions that help our customers scale responsibly.”

This partnership was highlighted at today’s AFC Policy Summit 2023 in Washington DC, where Phil Goldfeder called Ed Vincent to join him on stage, welcoming SRA to the AFC. The summit facilitated the exchange of ideas, exploration of emerging trends, and shaping the future of financial technology in the presence of senior leaders from the banking and fintech community, regulators, and key policymakers.

About the American Fintech Council: The mission of the American Fintech Council is to promote an innovative, responsible, inclusive, customer-centric financial system. You can learn more at

About Strategic Risk Associates: Strategic Risk Associates (SRA) champions a visionary approach to risk, reshaping it from an obstacle into an opportunity for growth. Our holistic risk intelligence platform—SRA Watchtower—offers a panoramic view of risk, revealing the insights that drive strategic decisions. Born from deep financial industry experience and a drive to innovate, SRA's “by bankers, for bankers” philosophy reframes risk as a catalyst for progress. Our consultative approach helps our partners harness risk's potential, optimizing their future in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. Learn more at or follow SRA on LinkedIn.